Forbes America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes 2017

TrueAppend now offers free attributes from the 2017 Forbes list of America's most expensive zip codes

We are happy to announce that TrueAppend now offers six attributes from the 2017 Forbes list of America's most expensive zip codes at no additional charge. Your data append export file will include for free Forbes 2016 and 2017 ranking, the 2016 t0 2017 change in rank, the 2017 median market value, 2017 median number of days on market, and 2017 median number of houses for sale by zip code.

The Forbes annual list is compiled by Altos Research and looks at median home price data for more than 29,500 zips covering 95% of the U.S. population. Your data append output will include rankings and median market value information for the top 500 priciest zip codes in 2017 all free of charge. You can view our data dictionary here for more information regarding our output fields.

Forbes expensive zip codes
Forbes expensive zip codes

When you export your TrueAppend file it will automatically include these fields:

Field Name
forbes_zip zip code used to identify match to Forbes data
forbes_2017_rank 2017 zip rank
forbes_2016_rank 2016 zip rank
forbes_median_market_value 2017 median market value
forbes_median_days_on_market 2017 median number of days a property was on the market
forbes_median_inventory 2017 median number of houses for sale
forbes_rank_change 2016 to 2017 rank change

You can learn more about exporting from TrueAppend here.

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