Act on your enhanced TrueAppend data promptly.

You enhanced your data. You analyzed your data. But now your data is sitting on the shelf. It's time to put your data append to work.

1 - Segment

Identify lookalikes to create smarter constituent identities

2 - Collaborate

Share your new knowledge with colleagues

3 - Grow

Deploy data-driven fundraising strategies

Segmentation is the process of grouping people with similar behaviors together so that you can predict how they will behave in the future. We've talked about the benefits and how tos of lookalike analysis before, but it bears repeating that this segmentation strategy can translate to big wins.

Inform donor identities

If you have some internal data you use to make categorizations in your database, a data append with TrueAppend helps you understand what other things those people have in common. A data append provides key demographics. This should inform your donor identities, and you can use the data append to find prospects to upgrade.

Once you understand the traits, lifestyle attributes, and behaviors members within groups have in common, you've created donor identities. The key is to make sure members in your groups have a lot in common. You want to minimize difference among the members of each group so that your donor identities to be meaningful predictive tools.

A key example of this is creating donor identities for different giving levels, and then using those identities to target your constituents for upgrades.

Case Study

A local women's shelter has three defined giving levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The levels are based on a donor or household's annual giving. Bronze donors contribute $1,000+ annually, Silver  $2,500+ annually, and Gold $5,000+ annually. In addition to donors in these pools, the organization also has a pool of donors who give less than $1,000 annually - the general pool.

Consequently, lookalike analysis helps you find donors that are ready to upgrade. You're looking for general pool donors whose behavior, interests, and lifestyle look like Bronze donors (and Bronze donors who look like Silver donors, and Silver donors who look like Gold donors).

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