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Age distribution from a sample complimentary TrueAppend report
NO annual fees.  NO recurring fees.  NO "use it or lose it" credits.  NO file size limitations.  NO obligations.  NO nonsense.

Register for your free account that never expires (no credit card required). When you have reviewed your TrueAppend Report and are ready to receive your enhanced records, all you have to do is buy some credits and use them to purchase and download your processed file.

For details on registering for a free TrueAppend account, and using credits, continue reading!


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What do you get for your free account? After you register for a free account, you gain full access and can upload and process your data. Then, you can review and share your complimentary TrueAppend Report on your file. There's no credit card required, your account never expires, and you never lose access to the data - even if you decide to never pay anything.

  • UNLIMITED Uploads
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  • NO file size limitations



Pay-as-you-go Usage


Create your custom attribute package.

You can choose any combination of attributes you like, and you can re-download an attribute you have already purchased at any time. Choose from the following attributes:

  • Age
  • Birth Month
  • Birth Year
  • Business Owner
  • Census Median Household Income (FREE!)
  • Gender (FREE!)
  • Heritage
  • Home Owner
  • Income Decile
  • Market Value Range
  • Married (FREE!)
  • Net Worth Decile
  • Occupation
  • Political Party
  • Presence of Children
  • Religion
  • And More!

Match rates always vary by file and by attribute.


Buy some credits, use them to download your processed file, they never expire.

What do credits cost?

TrueAppend uses a credit-based system to streamline the purchase process. Credits are purchased in packages in increments of 1000 to give users flexibility. Again, credits never, ever expire. You will be charged based on the number of records matched per attribute per 10 matches on output.

$100.00 1,000 1,000 10

Are you a large organization that needs a lot of credits or needs annual pricing? Contact sales.

What do you get when you use credits?

After you've processed your file, you can review the TrueAppend Report which contains an attribute analysis with match rates and distribution for each individual attribute available on the platform. The report also provides the cost to export each attribute. Once you have reviewed the report, you can start the export process. Use our export page to select attributes, create a custom package, and place your order. Read about available attributes on our Release Blog.

Buy some credits, and immediately create an export file that includes your custom attribute package, address hygiene, and address standardization. Your package may include any combination of our attributes. When you're ready, click the export button to download your enhanced records.

You will use one (1) credit for every 10 records matched per attribute in your initial file download.

Each attribute is available for download at the same rate, so you can base the credits owed for download off of the total number of matches.

For example:  an input file with 5,000 records

  • TrueAppend finds 4,820 matches to the Age attribute and 4,610 matches to the Religion attribute
  • It will cost 482 credits to export only the records that matched on the Age attribute
  • It will cost 461 credits to export only the records that matched to the Religion attribute
  • To export all of the records that matched to Age and all of the records that matched to Religion it will cost at total of 943 credits

See below for a breakdown of credits required to download matched records.

# of Attributes 1,000 Records Matched 10,000 Records Matched 25,000 Records Matched 50,000 Records Matched 100,000 Records Matched
1 100 Credits 1,000 Credits 2,500 Credits 5,000 Credits 10,000 Credits
2 200 Credits 2,000 Credits 5,000 Credits 10,000 Credits 20,000 Credits
3 300 Credits 3,000 Credits 7,500 Credits 10,000 Credits 30,000 Credits
4 400 Credits 4,000 Credits 10,000 Credits 20,000 Credits 40,000 Credits
5 500 Credits 5,000 Credits 12,500 Credits 25,000 Credits 50,000 Credits
6 600 Credits 6,000 Credits 15,000 Credits 30,000 Credits 60,000 Credits
7 700 Credits 7,000Credits 17,500 Credits 35,000 Credits 70,000 Credits
8 800 Credits 8,000 Credits 20,000 Credits 40,000 Credits 80,000 Credits
9 900 Credits 9,000 Credits 22,500 Credits 45,000 Credits 90,000 Credits
10 1,000 Credits 10,000 Credits 25,000 Credits 50,000 Credits 100,000 Credits

You will only pay to download each attribute once (based on match rate). Therefore, you can re-download the same attribute package again in the future for no additional cost. If you want to download a new attribute package, you will only be charged for the attributes that you have not used credits to download previously. You will have full access to your enhanced records forever.


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