Start Your Year With The Best Consumer Data Append Tools Possible

Start the new year off right

Before you start this year's fundraising push, make sure you have the most up to date consumer data append on your donor file.

TrueAppend helps you enhance your constituents, donors, alumni, or patients using the most up-to-date data available in the industry. We don't believe in charging according to traditional pricing models, which often require a high minimum number of records and include additional fees to export your data. Instead, TrueAppend provides the same exact service as any other provider at a fraction of the cost.

Receive a full data enhancement report with no purchase required

Unlike other data append companies, TrueAppend doesn't require you to purchase anything before you know the attribute match rate and distribution on your file. Simply upload and process your file free of charge with our web application, and you'll receive a complimentary TrueAppend report.

Hygiene details from sample TrueAppend report

In addition to the match rate for each attribute and estimated credit usage, our complimentary TrueAppend report includes details such as the distribution by attribute, file hygiene information, address types and match information. You can Process your file for free and instantly review all of these details and more with no obligation to purchase.

Income distribution from a sample TrueAppend report


Create your custom attribute package.

You can choose any combination of attributes you like, and you can re-download an attribute you have already purchased at any time. Choose from the following attributes:

Match rates always vary by file and by attribute.

Getting started is easy. Register for a free account, upload/process your file, and instantly view our complimentary TrueAppend report. If you would like to make a purchase after reviewing the match distribution, estimated maximum cost and hygiene summary, your file is available for immediate download.

Give us a try...

Upload, Paste, or Drag & Drop your data file today for our all-inclusive append services and receive your complimentary TrueAppend Report - no credit card required.

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