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TrueAppend was created to save you time and money by reducing overhead and the costs associated with data append services.

Our team of technologists, product managers, and client services personnel are here to help, and we aim to deliver simple, clean, and effective solutions.  We are constantly improving the product to help you get the most out of our data append services.

TrueAppend Features

Free File Processing: We invite organizations to try our automated data append process. All data appends process for free, and we accept files of any size (big or small).

TrueAppend Report: When your data append finishes processing, we generate your complimentary TrueAppend Report (check out a sample here). We encourage you to review your TrueAppend Report, which tells you some high level details like number of records processed, the match rates for each attribute, and attribute analysis.

Attribute Analysis: If you scroll further down your File Display page, you’ll notice the attribute analysis section of the TrueAppend Report. Each attribute is accompanied by a set of graphs that plot the distribution of records that matched to the attribute values. If you refer to the example below, you'll see the distribution of values for the Income Decile attribute.  We also report the % of Missing Values, which corresponds to the number of null values returned for that attribute (this is a cost saving measure for your benefit).

Income distribution from a sample TrueAppend report

Custom Export: We want your experience to be fast, affordable, and flexible. That's why TrueAppend allows users to create custom attribute packages when they export and download their data append. Users may elect to export some or all of your appended data. The export page lists all TrueAppend attributes and the number of credits needed to export that attribute.

You cannot limit your export to specific attribute values. However, you can select any combination of attributes you like. You can re-download an attribute you have already purchased at any time. Users can choose any combination of the following attributes:

Match rates always vary by file and by attribute.

You can read more about the process or view our helpful video here.

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Upload, Paste, or Drag & Drop your data file today for our all-inclusive append services and receive your complimentary TrueAppend Report - no credit card required.

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