Demographic Append – Multi-sourced Database

TrueAppend Multi-Sourced Demographic Append Services

Most demographic append services use a single data source for the information they give you. TrueAppend is different.

Rather than relying on one single demographic provider - like AcxiomExact DataExperianInfoUSAKBM Group, and others - TrueAppend demographic append services sources data from many different suppliers. We curate each attribute by combining as many sources as possible.

We use the best data available to provide the greatest coverage and the highest quality. This allows us to deliver high match rates and attributes with a narrow focus.

Additionally, TrueAppend doesn't sell any Zip4 or other aggregated data. This means the data our users export is matched at the address, household, or individual level. You can trust that our output data is representative of your records. Instead of reporting aggregate data, we use that information in our quality control process, which is something we are very serious about.

TrueAppend demographic append services sources its data from many different suppliers. Our sources include, but are not limited to:

Age distribution from a sample TrueAppend report

Try before you buy demographic append services

TrueAppend allows you to view the distribution and estimated costs for each attribute on your file before you purchase with our free report.

We'll save you time and money by reducing the overhead and costs associated with data appends, and help you enhance your constituents, donors, alumni, or patients for segmentation using the most up-to-date data available in the industry. See our data dictionary for our full catalog of available data attributes.

  • Age
  • Birth Month
  • Birth Year
  • Business Owner
  • Census Median Household Income (FREE!)
  • Gender (FREE!)
  • Heritage
  • Home Owner
  • Income Decile
  • Market Value Range
  • Married (FREE!)
  • Net Worth Decile
  • Occupation
  • Political Party
  • Presence of Children
  • Religion
  • And More!

Match rates always vary by file and by attribute.

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