Religion Data Append

TrueAppend offers data appends for segmentation

TrueAppend offers data appends, including religion, for segmentation. Pricing is $10 per attribute per thousand records matched. Our data dictionary defines our full catalog of available data attributes.

Use TrueAppend to segment by religion

Religion is an important factor to consider when deciding how you interact with your prospects or donors. An individual's connection to your organization and interest in a specific message can often be influenced by religion. A religion append can help determine the content of your outreach, such as which message or program you choose to promote.

Preview your file's occupation distribution before you purchase

Getting started is easy. Register for a free account, upload/process your file, and instantly view our complimentary TrueAppend report. If you would like to make a purchase after reviewing the distribution of attributes on your file and estimated cost per attribute, your appended file is available for immediate download.

Sample religion distribution from a complimentary TrueAppend report

Combine religion with other attributes to customize outreach

Interest in specific program or responsiveness to a particular message can be influenced by many factors. The ability to determine religion, combined with other demographic information can allow you to properly segment your prospects or donors and tailor your message. Customizing your outreach based on multiple attributes ensures that your efforts are as effective as possible.

You can choose any combination of attributes you like, and you can re-download an attribute you have already purchased at any time. Choose from the following attributes:

Match rates always vary by file and by attribute.

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