Free Gender Appends For Segmentation

TrueAppend now offers free gender data appends

We are happy to announce that TrueAppend now offers free gender data appends for segmentation - at no charge, regardless of the number of records and/or file size. Our data dictionary defines the information regarding output fields.

Use TrueAppend to append gender data

Using TrueAppend is very simple with our self-service, data enhancement platform.  First, upload your file, then map the required fields, and click "Process".  Within minutes, you will have your profile report and can download your free gender data.

Our process

How do we append gender to your input data?  Our data enhancement process uses name and gender reference tables as well as a real-time interpreter using first name and middle name.

Combine gender with other attributes to customize outreach

Gender is an important factor. It can help you decide how you interact with your prospects. Some rather detailed scientific research has been done on the significance of  gender. You can read about this research here:  A connection to your organization and interest in specific programs can often be influenced by their gender.

Gender data appends can help determine the content of your message, such as which cause or program you choose to promote.  For example, promoting your message to Males for may require you to alter your content somewhat.

Interest in specific causes or programs and responsiveness to a particular message can be influenced by many factors. The ability to determine gender, combined with other demographic attributes, can allow you to properly segment your prospects. Therefore, this allows you to tailor your message for your communications. In addition, customizing your outreach based on multiple attributes will ensure that your marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

Preview your file's gender distribution before you purchase

Remember, appending your records for segmentation is easy. TrueAppend allows you to upload and process your file for free with no obligation to purchase. You'll receive a free TrueAppend report that will show you the distribution of all of our attributes across your file. If you like what you see you can export the entire catalog of attributes, or select individual attributes for export - such as gender!

Sample gender distribution from a complimentary TrueAppend report

Give us a try...

Upload, Paste, or Drag & Drop your data file today for our all-inclusive append services and receive your complimentary TrueAppend Report - no credit card required.

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